CryptoHero Pricing

Monthly Billing Annual Billing



  • 1 active bot
  • Risk-Free Paper Trade
  • Unlimited Connected Exchanges
  • Unlimited Trading Limit
  • Unlimited Positions
  • No Sharing Of Trading Data To Exchanges




  • 15 Active Bots
  • Access to Simple, Advanced, DCA and more (except Grid)
  • New Arbitrage Bots!
  • TradingView
  • 5 Price Alerts
  • + Everything in Basic Plan




  • 30 Active Bots
  • Grid Bot/Market Making
  • New Arbitrage Bots!
  • 5 Minute Trading Frequency
  • Custom Backtest Period
  • 10 Price Alerts
  • + Everything in Premium Plan

CryptoHero Pricing

Plans Basic Premium Professional
Annual Pricing FREE $11.66 /Month $24.99 /Month
Monthly Pricing FREE $13.99 /Month $29.99 /Month
iOS, Android and Web
Bot Features
Active Bots 1 15 30
Number of Positions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bots Marketplace
Long Strategy
Short Strategy
Bot Types Simple + Arbitrage, Advanced, DCA, etc + Grid
Trading Frequency Up to 15m Up to 15m Up to 5m
Multiple Indicator Triggers
Strategy Backtesting
Advanced Strategy Backtesting
Strategy Designer
Technical Indicators
Bollinger Bands (BB)
Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Stochastic Relative Strength Index (Stoch RSI)
Trading Terminal
Spot and Margin
Trading Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bots Processing Priority Average High High
API Connections Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Simulated Paper Trading
Supported Markets Spot, Margin Spot, Margin, Futures Spot, Margin, Futures
Binance and Binance.US
Coinbase Pro
Mandala Exchange

Subscription FAQ

How do I pay for a subscription?

It depends on the client (web or mobile) you are using to subscribe. On web, Stripe handles our payment processing which includes major credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard. You may also subscribe with PayPal. On iOS, you may subscribe with your Apple account or make payment through Apple Pay. Android payment is also available in our Android app. You may also pay with USDT.

How is a subscription charged?

Subscriptions are charged in full in advance for the selected subscription period beginning on the purchase date. Your account will be credited with the corresponding number of days of subscription. All subscription plans are charged automatically on the anniversary of the first payment date.

What happens when I run out of subscription?

Your bots will be made inactive immediately. You need to subscribe again in order to reactivate your bots. Exchange connections will also be removed upon expiry of your subscription plan.

Can I pay with crypto?

At the moment we accept USDT.

Will there be other plans in the future?

As we develop more features, we will introduce new subscription plans. If you have a premium subscription now, you will still be able to upgrade to the new paid subscription plans without additional charges but a reduction in subscription days in proportion.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and it will not auto-renew after running out of the remaining subscription days. Premium features will remain active for the remainder of the subscription days. Please note that there will be no pro-rated refund for any unused period. You may easily cancel your subscription within your CryptoHero account or email us to cancel.

Does CryptoHero take a profit from our trade?

No. We believe that users deserve to keep all the profits made as the assets belong to them. More importantly, they bear all the risks. CryptoHero only charges a fixed low monthly fee for being a software solution provider.