CryptoHero Features

A Crypto Trading Bot for Bull, Bear and Range-bound Markets

CryptoHero offers a suite of easy to use and intelligent bots that allow you to profit from all market conditions. Our bots offer traders the ability to execute:

  • Long and Short Strategy
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Low-Risk Arbitrage
  • Trade Spot and Futures markets
  • TradingView Support and Many More

Try Your Crypto Trading Bot Risk FREE

CryptoHero offers a paper exchange that allows you to experiment with your strategies in a risk free manner. In addition, our efficient and ultra-fast backtest allows you to test the performance of your crypto trading bot using historical data.

Earn Revenue By Leasing Your Crypto Trading Bots

CryptoHero Bots Marketplace is a “For Trader-By Trader” marketplace. It allows our experienced traders to lease their bots to others (especially users new to automated bots trading) and earn extra revenue as a result. New users will no longer need to feel “lost” when getting started. They will be able to try out proven strategies easily and affordably from other expert traders’ bots.

Trade Your Many Crypto Exchange Accounts From One Interface

CryptoHero’s very own Trading Terminal allows traders to efficiently switch among their many exchange accounts and trade from each of them conveniently. This feature is especially useful in times when the actual exchange client is down or during high load scenarios.
trade multiple crypto exchanges with just one-click. Switch between portfolio easily.

Trade Anywhere, Anytime

CryptoHero offers Web, iOS and Android clients. Never miss an important trade wherever you are.
Access CryptoHero anywhere through web or mobile

Arbitrage Strategies

CryptoHero offers traders access to a variety of arbitrage strategies. Setting up an arbitrage strategy can easily be done in under a minute! Users can configure inter-exchange arbitrage and intra-exchange arbitrage strategies easily. CryptoHero advanced algorithm ensures that the chances of your arbitrage strategies succeeding are high.
CryptoHero's intelligent data repository offers valuation information regarding specific cryptocurrency or digital token.

TradingView Support

For advanced users who rely on TradingView signals
CryptoHero offers one of the most innovative and powerful support for TradingView signals.

Setup your bots to buy and sell whenever a TradingView signal is received. You can even setup multiple signals for a bot to decide which signal to execute the trade on.