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Deploy bots with high Winning trades from our Bots Marketplace

New to automated trading? Just head straight to our Bots Marketplace that has many trading bots with high winning rates. Deploying a bot can be done easily in a minute.

Feature Rich Crypto Trading Bot

CryptoHero offers many types of crypto trading bots and is free to use! Run crypto trading bots for various strategies such as DCA, Spot Grid, Future Grid and more! Check out its features and discover how CryptoHero has enabled thousands of traders to profit from the market.

Run crypto trading bots for various strategies such as DCA, Spot Grid, Future Grid and more
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Create, Test and Run Your
Crypto Trading Bot In Minutes

  • automated crypto trading

    Automated Trading 24/7

    Let CryptoHero work while you go about your day.

  • start your automated trading without coding

    No Coding Required

    Easily setup instructions for the bot without writing a line of code.

  • trade spot and futures using the bots

    Trade Spot and Futures

    CryptoHero offers powerful yet easy to use features for trading spot and futures markets.

  • backtest your crypto trading bot strategy


    Test your crypto trading bots' strategies before deploying.

  • test your trading bot on our risk free paper exchange

    Risk-free Trading

    Trade on CryptoHero's Paper Exchange. Test your crypto bots without real capital.

  • run proven crypto trading bots setup by other experienced crypto traders

    Bots Marketplace

    Access proven crypto trading bots setup by experienced traders! Get running in few clicks!

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